Salam from wien!

Ready to serve you with heartfelt Indonesian smiles :)

We are a small Indonesian store in Vienna, Austria, offering grocery products ('warung sembako') and simple snack and drinks ('warung kopi')

Our business stems from the Indonesian muslim community, so our offers are 100% halal and authentic!

Come over to learn more about Indonesia's food and products!

* visit our store and shop while drinking teh kotak

* shop online if Vienna is too far but you're craving rengginang

* try Indonesian cuisine from our varying daily menu below

[ Weekly Menu ]

Grab your Indonesian favorite snack and meal every Wed, Thu, Fri!

Don't forget to drop by on Saturdays to fuel on our street food after shopping ;)

Note: Pre-order is possible to secure your portion! (up to 1 day before)

2023 W48 Mi. - Sa. 29.11 - 02.12

*from 12 PM until sold out :)

**NEW! You can preorder vegetarian versions of our daily menu! (whenever applicable, with tofu/tempeh/egg)

Click to pre-order and secure your portion

29.11, Mit./Wed.: Snack 'Bika Ambon', Menü 'Nasi Kuning Ayam Serundeng' (Vegetarian mit Tofu)

30.11, Don./Thu.: Snack 'Tempe Mendoan', Menü 'Nasi Soto Ayam'

01.12, Fre./Fri.: Snack 'Risoles', Menü 'Nasi Lemak Medan'

02.12, Sam./Sat.: Menü 'Batagor'

(Click each pic to enlarge!)

[ News ]

Mon, 27.11.2023

Closed on Tuesday, 28.11

Liebe KundInnen! Wegen einer technischen Störung haben wir heute (Di., 28.11) geschlossen. Morgen sind wir wieder für euch da.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!


Dear Customers! Due to a technical problem we are closed today (Tue., 28.11). Tomorrow we will

open as usual.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

"Indonesian authentic homemade food and snack, only at Warung Salam Wien"

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Serving you with heartfelt Indonesian smiles :)